Become An Approved Reader / Vendor


Become an approved Reader or Vendor

It is our mission to bring our community together! We host a select group of Approved Readers and Vendors for our Moon Vibe Communities.

Our readers/vendors are hand selected, vetted and approved to bring our customers the best buyer experience in the spiritual community! See our panel below to learn more about us! 

How can we help you earn money?

Our goal is to help your small business grow and  thrive by connecting you with customers, ensuring your business is reaching as many viewers as possible, and offering premium Vendor/Customer support along the way! Your lives or products will be featured in the group and wont get lost in the feed.

 Bringing our community together to make sure everyone’s needs are met all while helping to support small businesses!

We pride ourselves in being very different from any other sales platform or marketing service, we do not charge a fee based on your sales amount or charge a per sale fee!

We keep a flat monthly rate and make it as inclusive as possible. We work hard for you so you can focus on growing your business to its maximum potential! One simple fee = no stress or hassle for you. You just earn from our customers. The more our group grows, the more you sell!

$45 / Month USD

Approved Reader Monthly Subscription

  • Post
  • Share your business page
  • Go Live
  • Respond to customer ISO ads anytime
  • *MUST pass the sample reading to group admin per reading you want to promote
$45 / Month USD

Approved Vendor Monthly Subscription

  • Post your for sale items
  • Share your business page
  • Go Live showcasing your items
  • Comment for vendor requests

Becoming an approved vendor really helped my etsy business increase because I am not limited to posts in Moon Vibes Soul Tribe”

Jennifer Diamond

Contact Stefanii Jaimii the Admin to become approved

*Payments via PayPal for monthly pay as you go subscriptions.