2 Pack – Manifest Bath Sachets – Ritual Bath Tea – Crystal Protection Ritual – Manifesting – Apothecary Bath Manifestation


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Manifest Bath Sachet – Ritual Bath Tea – Crystal Protection Ritual – Manifesting – Apothecary Bath Manifestation

***Manifest your desires using water as the element for calling.
Each ingredient may help you achieve your highest dreams by using the tincture bath ritual formula by The Divine Moon, Certified Moonologist and Crystal Healer.

Eucalyptus Epsom Salt: Can soften rough, dry skin, and exfoliate dead skin cells. Eucalyptus is used to bring fresh energy to a situation, to heal regrets and worries, and to relieve mental exhaustion perfect to relax your body aura to embrace your manifest.

Organic Chamomile Bath Bomb: Used for money, peace, love, tranquility, and purification.

Roses: Bringing abundance in love, attraction and good luck.

Lemon for: Purifying and cleansing, turns the evil eye away.

Black Obsidian for: Protection.

Lavender: Useful in spells to sharpen the mind, to encourage or strengthen pure love and to encourage

Forget Me Nots: Useful for keeping a lover close to your heart. The essence of forget-me-nots on your skin for others to not forget about you and keep you on their mind in your presence.

Jasmine Buds for: moon magick when used under a waxing moon for abundance, dreaming, attraction, and manifests. It is used in love-drawing magick, and is said to attract spiritually pure love.

Globe Amaranth for: Healing, Repairing broken hearts, Gaining bigger things in life.

🙌🏼🖤🌙✨A ritual bath tea is an herbal bath with both healing and magickal applications. An herb and flower tincture are placed in a cloth bag and water is poured over the bag as the tub is filled to infuse the water with the properties of the herbs within the bag. The bag may also be placed directly into the bathwater with the bather.

Bath teas are a convenient way to apply the magickal or medicinal properties of herbs to the entire body of an individual. They make for easy cleanup without having to collect the herbs from the water. Pre made for you, you can always have your favorite bath tea ready for those days when you need an herbal treatment but perhaps aren’t feeling well enough to put one together. The bag itself is made from cotton for easy composting when you are finished with it.

These ritual bath teas also make a great gift for someone who is trying to manifest something in their life.

Comes in a pack of 2 tea bags. Size Large 4 inch x 6 inch.

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