Your Horoscope For The Rare Blue Moon on Halloween

Hello my Divine friends, this month marks a serious moon phase month. The wonderful and rare Blue Moon is upon us. It is not just any blue moon, it’s a hallowseve blue moon! Spell casters and manifestors are jumping for joy and getting their herbs and crystals ready as the moons most powerful forces are working on this night. Read below to see what this rare event has in store for you.

Samhain is one of the two great festivals observed by the druids — the other being Beltane. It is a Celtic festival, held on Halloweve, marking the end of the harvest season and the beginning of the winter. It begins at sunset on October 31 and ends at Sunset on November 1, and marks the halfway point between the fall equinox and the winter solstice. 

Special bonfires were lit. Fire was regarded as a divinity. Samhain was seen to be a liminal time, when the boundary between the material world we live in and the spiritual or otherworld grew thin. Spirits or fairies could enter our world as well as the souls of the dead. 

This year, that same day brings a Full Moon in Taurus also known as a Hunter’s Moon. Because it’s the second Full Moon of this month, it is also called the Blue Moon. 

This Halloween also features a Sun opposite Uranus. It will bring an epiphany and a sudden illumination. Something unexpected is likely to happen.

On Tuesday, retrograding Mercury backs up into Libra and Venus moves forward into Libra. Fairness and justice will be emphasised. 

And reminder that the clocks fall back one hour on November 1. Joy of joy, we get an extra hour of sleep on Saturday. 

Listen to the silence. It’s a time of healing. Secrets will be revealed.

Blessed Be , Love 🖤 & Moonlight 🌙

The Divine Moon

Here is your horoscope for this week of the Blue Moon!


It’s a free world, we are not all obliged to be optimists, but it certainly helps. Pessimism is a bit like quicksand. You take one step too many in that direction and you end up getting sucked in so fast you just can’t get out. You will solve your dilemma by employing a fresh new way of looking at it. The magic of the Samhain will bring a moment of creative enlightenment that will set you on a new course. You hold your destiny in the palm of your hand. The balance of power is swinging to your side. Have more faith in your own integrity and everything is going to be fine. 


A frustrating and exasperating situation must not be allowed to continue. The longer you stay in it, the more angst it will create in your life. A decision has to be made. You are more open-minded than most, but you still prefer to see yourself as a person whose insights are impeccable and whose actions are always beyond reproach. Of course, in reality, no such individuals exist. The magic of the Samhain will compel you to learn the lesson life wants to teach. As a consequence, life will get happier instantly. This week brings a valuable discovery and a liberating decision.


A moment of completion is nearer than you think. You have developed techniques and strategies for coping without the answer to a crucial question. Life can at times be cruel and merciless, but you are made of strong stuff. You have the resilience to bounce back from anything. The magic of the Samhain will trigger your innate sense of optimism. Don’t look at what makes no sense. Look at the one positive thread and help to weave that into something stronger. You will dispel the gloom and bring joy into your world. Getting to where you want to be is tough, but once you get there you will know that it was all worth the struggle. 


You have feelings taking you in one direction and thoughts leading you somewhere entirely different. Somewhere though, in the midst of all the drama that is being played out on the stage of your life, a clear coherent story is slowly starting to emerge. If you are inwardly willing to be uplifted and cheered, you will be able to find hope in even the darkest and most difficult of times. Don’t look at what makes no sense. The magic of Samhain is preparing to fire you up with a vigorous spirit of freedom and victory. The sky is beaming strength and happiness into an area of your life that really needs it.


An exhausting dilemma you’re dealing with has left you feeling rather bemused and bewildered. Don’t let it get you down. You are about to enter a mellow and comforting phase. Everything will start making perfect sense again as a certain piece of information comes to your attention. Your overall prospects may seem fragile to you at this moment, but quite the opposite is true. You may feel that you are giving it all you’ve got, but maybe there’s just a little more that you can find from somewhere. A plan will crystallize and galvanize you into action. The magic of the Samhain will show you a plan that will move you toward success.


We find you dreaming of a powerful, all-consuming experience that will give your life greater passion and intensity. You have only one life. Tedious tasks and dreary responsibilities have temporarily drained your life of the old sense of purpose you once felt. Thinking too much is using up too much energy. It won’t last long. All you need is a little rest and relaxation after all your hard work. The ancient magic of the Samhain indicates that something enormously satisfying is on the way. Your mind and heart will be inspired in the best possible way. 


Why can’t life be less complicated? Because, if it were, it would also be less rewarding, less magical. There’s more to life than efficiency. Desiring a certain something as badly as you do might start to work against you. The apparent delay in achieving a dream is causing agitation and a drain on your energy. It’s also making it difficult for you to pay proper attention to certain other very worthwhile factors in your life. The magic of the Samhain will show you how to be more relaxed, patient and confident. You’ll achieve your dream in a much faster timescale. 


Celestial turbulence has been stirring things up in our human experience as you have well noticed. People around you are behaving in a most bizarre and unpredictable manner. The magic of the Samhain will tune you into the realm of the imagination. A particularly important job must be done regardless of what’s happening, so stay focused and let everyone else go their way. You are not under any obligation to do anything that grates on your sense of what’s right. The key to tomorrow lies in your hands


It is often said that it is unwise to count chicks before they’ve hatched. That may be true, but then neither should we allow cynicism to limit the possibility of a prolific brood. Your imagination is beginning to envisage positive developments. This is good. Keep it going. The magic of Samhain is guiding you to creating a wonderful future filled with opportunities. This will prove to be the start of an auspicious chapter in the fascinating story of your life. You spend your life making complex moves. What’s happening now is right. Make some allowance because things are changing rapidly. Don’t fear it or doubt it. 


A way will come to rid your life of something that is causing you a great deal of angst. Your life is about to turn into a much brighter place. To get a particular problem sorted, you need to look inside yourself and ask what it is about you that attracted this situation. Ask the right question and you’ll get the right answer. The magic of Samhain will bring a penetrating revelation that will magically shift you into a new and faster orbit. You can’t change the world, but you can make a difference. It’s not a victory you need this week, it’s a sense of satisfaction. And that’s precisely what you are going to get. 


Rather than cause yourself unnecessary anxiety this week, just leave the things that aren’t working alone. They will work themselves out. Make fewer calculations. Be more relaxed. Just do what feels right in your heart and never mind what your head says. With all the pressure you’ve been under lately, you’ve scarcely had time to ponder such frivolities as love. But with the influence of the magic moment of Samhain, you are very likely to notice a pleasant shift in your romantic prospects. An old unhappy feeling of dissatisfaction will give way to something a whole lot sweeter. 


Life is one long balancing act. Duty versus desire, pain versus pleasure, work versus reward. Perhaps, for a moment we get that balance right. The rest of the time, we find ourselves wobbling wildly. One minute we are up, the next we are down. Your ability to empathize and to be attentive to the needs of friends puts you in high demand. Friends line up to unload their problems. But there are times when you could use a shoulder to lean on. You too have a need to pour out your heart to a wise and sympathetic listener. The magic moment of the Samhain will bring empathic souls to your aid. Yes, miracles do happen, as you are about to learn.

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