Bodies Discovered In Unmarked Graves By The Spirits Hitting A Woman’s Foot!

October 15th 2020,

So this story is a true one, it happened to a friend of mine. It made my skin crawl with tingles so I thought I would write it out for others to experience.

Let’s start with a little bit of history on the historical site. The Sharon Temple…… One of the most haunted places in Canada.

Photo from the Sharon Temple museum’s website

The Temple, at the Sharon National Historic Site in Ontario Canada, was built in 1832 and was fully restored in 2011. Ghostly activity here includes the sounds of a large feast being prepared, music, footsteps and more. Some have even heard the organ playing without anyone there and the lights flickering.

In the 1800’s there was a Group that established themselves to separate from the war. “The Children of the peace” they called themselves. They were a “plain folk”, former Quakers with no musical tradition, who went on to create the first silver band in Canada and build the first organ in Ontario. They built an ornate temple to raise money for the poor, and built the province’s first shelter for the homeless. By 1851, Sharon Temple was the most prosperous agricultural settlement in the province. They took a lead role in the organization of the province’s first co-operative, the Farmers’ Storehouse, and opened the province’s first credit union. Through their support of William Lyon Mackenzie, and by ensuring the elections of both “fathers of responsible government”, Robert Baldwin and Louis LaFontaine, they played a critical role in the development of democracy in Canada.

So now that you know a bit of history of the temple itself and the people that created it, It’s time to get down to business.

Sharon Burial Grounds Photo By Emily

This story takes place at the Sharon Burial Grounds (Cemetery). Where all the “Children of peace” were buried. You can imagine the spirit and energy in this burial ground because these people had helped so many people and created a movement in the 1800’s. They were originally buried on the temples ground but moved to this cemetery later. Disturbing the resting can conjure up all sorts of energy in the afterlife….. Or so the old myths tell.

This brings us to Emily. She is a very spiritual, open to everything kind of person. She enjoys photography and asks her neighbour at the time (who was in charged of the cemetery) if she could photograph some parts of the cemetery for her personal collection. She was given permission.

October 15th 2013, It was a chilly sunny day, with the sun setting around dusk – not unlike todays weather. She was walking through the cemetery in an area that had zero headstones or brushes. When she felt a huge hard “SLAP” to her foot……

Sharon Burial Grounds Photo By Emily

She looked around…. nothing there. Not one thing could have touched her foot. She immediately became overwhelmed with fear. She had encountered things with the other side before but nothing quite this powerful such as a slap to the foot. She documented the area and went back to the head of the cemetery to share her story of what had just happened.

Due to other stories and encounters reported to the head of the cemetery, this was not unusual and they really wanted to get a GPR – ground penetrating radar machine to search for unmarked graves. To see what was actually under the area of where Emily was hit.

A few years of fundraising goes by and they did it. They raised enough money to get this machine out to the cemetery to search.

So the machine swept the whole place. Everything was as seemed except the place Emily was smacked. In the north corner of the cemetery there was a discovery………of not one…..but TWO BODIES!

I think the message is clear that they wanted Emily to know there were there, and they sure made it known.

Sharon Burial Grounds Photo By Emily

To date it is unknown if they placed markers down for those discovered bodies, or who they are but this supernatural discovery is definitely a story Ms. Emily will never forget.

The cemetery owners had the GPR check the outside perimeter of the cemetery because they believed there were more unmarked bodies.. which there were. They have since expanded the cemetery fence to encompass them.

*If you have any updates on this story or have any other information please contact us on our contact page and we will gladly update this article.

Happy Halloween. xoxo The Divine Moon

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