Oh No!| Mercury Goes Into Retrograde Oct 13th – Nov 3rd | The Last Time for 2020

As we all know, Mercury Retrograde is a time of reflection and drama. Be prepared for the last of 2020 and let it heal open up a new portal for new beginnings in the new year coming.

It’s that time of the year again! Mercury is stationing retrograde Oct. 13 through Nov. 3. Your life is officially falling apart. 

To be honest, Mercury retrograde is never that dramatic, but I do think it’s entertaining to see people enter a state of hysteria at the prospect that things might not go their way. So let’s get clear on what Mercury retrograde is and what it is not. 

First and foremost, it’s not the reason your life’s falling apart — that’s most likely your fault. Mercury simply represents how we communicate our ideas, learn new things and share information. Any problems you’re having outside of communication have nothing to do with Mercury retrograde. 

Retrograde is simply planets switching directions. From our perspective on Earth, there are periods of time where specific planets appear to be orbiting backward. Think of looking at a fan. If you stare at it too long, it can look like the blades are spinning in a different direction. As technology has advanced, it’s been noted that planets don’t actually orbit backward. However, astrologers still track when planets seem to switch direction. 

Mercury goes retrograde three to four times a year, so you’ve survived plenty of them. Don’t let this one scare you. Mercury will be retrograding in the sign of Scorpio, so expect secrets to be revealed and feelings to be hurt. 

As with all retrogrades, this is a time to pause and reflect. Mercury retrograde teaches us to slow down. Patience will be key to getting through these next three weeks. Proofread your texts, make pros-and-cons lists and never say yes to anything without thinking about all the details. Most importantly, give yourself grace. You will mess up, and that’s OK. 

Read below for your mercury retrograde horoscope: As always take what you need and leave what you don’t. 


Secrets will be revealed. What are you hiding from others? If others are keeping secrets from you, expect your insecurity to show itself. It’s time to tell the truth. 


Expect tension in your one-on-one relationships. As disagreements arise, take a deep breath and listen to your partners. This tension can either be very healing or destructive. It’s up to you.


You’ll see the most conflict at work. Take this opportunity to find joy in your life outside of work. If you can’t find peace outside of work, you’ll project your turmoil onto those around you. 


Embrace flexibility. Mercury retrograde in Scorpio wants you to see where you’re too rigid. You run into problems when you try to tell people what to do. Your superiority complex will be on display. 


Expect some family drama or to learn more about your family. Families are messy, so embrace your family’s mistakes and give them grace. If not, you’ll continue the cycle of pain. 


Beware of car and transportation struggles. Give yourself enough time to get where you need to be and get that oil change you’ve been putting off. Expect some petty arguments with siblings. Listen to hear them rather than respond.


Think twice before you spend money. You’ll regret buying something you want rather than something you need. Your poor spending habits say a lot about you. 


Nobody enjoys self-sabotage more than you. If your decisions lack thoughtful intentions, you’ll find yourself in some very inconvenient situations. Please love yourself by thinking about what you want.


Hold your tongue. You always have something to say. Your judgments are not useful. Maybe you should be more judgmental of your own actions instead of the actions of others. 


Be careful about your online and social media presence. It would be a good time to delete some things you wouldn’t want a future employer to see. Clean up your act.


Practice patience this Mercury retrograde. Your lack of discipline will jump out. Seek long-term results over short-term gratification. You deserve better.


Delete your finsta. If you can only express how you really feel on a separate social media account then maybe you need a better outlet. Tell people how you really feel, or continue to wallow in resentment.

The Divine Moon

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