October, Full Month of Moonlight -Powerful Veils Opening

⭐ Moonology reading from The Divine Moon. ⭐

The full moon on October 1st is in Aries, coming to us head on. Hitting us with both the light and the shadow. One that stretches across the entire month. Opening a portal to find your true self, your ultimate light -opening your third eye to a new abyss.

October is a month with two full moons… once in a blue moon… this expression refers to this event when there are two full moons in the same calendar month. This month ending on Samhain / Halloween with a rare Blue Moon.

Having a full moon at the beginning of this month and then at the end is like you are surrounded by cleansing white light during this entire month. The strongest mo th of the year. In a rare celestial event October 31st on Samhain.

Imagine that you are held in a bubble of light. A sacred space to feel safe, inspired and loved. Take advantage of this month. Plan your most magickal spells, manifests and set your strongest intentions.

This is now a sacred space where whatever is coming up from your shadow,

Embrace the white light energy in abundance. It is protecting you this month.

Whatever dreams and wishes you want to be reality,

There will be enough light to transmute it into divine energy.

Literally bath in the light throughout this month.

Breathe, and inhale the light as you sit in it.

Because one thing is for sure, a double full moon in a month WILL create intense waves of energy throughout. You will notice it everywhere in everyone.

The fundamentals of a full moon practice will be crucial such as grounding and committing to a continuous forgiveness and gratitude practice. Set strong intentions on this months New Moon and you shall be rewarded.

This full moon on the 1st is in Aries, symbolised by a ram.
A lot of times Aries is described as a symbol of stubbornness, and whilst this is true, I want to draw your attention to another aspect which will be really useful for this double-full-moon month.

The ram is the animal with circular shaped horns on its head, spiralling in, channeling from Divine Source.
Aries, the ram brings our crown chakra and third eye into focus.
It will be worth it to give your full attention to your spiritual connectedness, opening up your intuition and your imagination during this full moon.

This full moon can amplify your intuitive abilities and get the answers to those questions that may have been stirring in you for a while.

Tune in to the universe and be open to receive guidance.

This will be a full moon month to go all out doing a ritual, a ceremony showing up with your inner-witch.

You shall see your intentions coming forth with light closer to the blue moon on October 31st. Blessed be.

Love and Moonlight,
The Divine Moon 🌙

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