April’s Full Pink Moon Aligns with Epidemic. Be Smart, Protect Yourself and Heal -Total Energy Shift.

What is a pink moon?

A pink moon gets its name from one of spring’s first flowers, the “moss pink.” Alternatively, it has also been called a full sprouting grass moon, the egg moon, and the fish moon. (But i think i like “pink moon” best.) Although the moon itself doesn’t turn pink, it does signal the welcome return of lots of pink on the ground in the form of lovely flowers. On top of that, the pink moon this year also hints at good things to come for all of us in the future.

The Pink Moon’s Meaning in Astrology

According to Astrology King –

The Libra full moon on Tuesday, April 7, 2020, increases the risks associated with the coronavirus pandemic. Full moon April 2020 makes an aspect to Neptune that is associated with health imbalances. And Neptune is the planet of illness and infection.

The April 2020 full moon is made more dangerous by Mars square Uranus. This impulsive influence makes people rebellious and aggressive. Jupiter conjunct Pluto amplifies the risks but a positive aspect to Mercury gives understanding and common sense. It means smart thinking and cooperation with friends and neighbors is the key to staying safe and relatively happy during the difficult moon phase.

Full Moon April 2020 Summary

The April 7 full moon increases the risk of infection and illness because it is quincunx Neptune. Jupiter joins Pluto to intensify the coronavirus pandemic and amplify the risk.

Mars square Uranus also increases the risk of infection because it leads to impulsive actions. So it is critically important to remain patient and cautious because this aspect makes you want to break free of restrictions, regardless of the consequences.

The key to remaining safe during full moon April 2020 is using your brain. Mercury sextile Jupiter-Pluto means thinking, communications and local travel are assets. Use this full moon to change your way of thinking. Listen to advice, share your knowledge and be smart about how you move around and interact with your neighbors.

A full moon has a relationship with the previous new moon. The March 24 new moon is also a challenging influence. It is bringing sickness, misfortune, compulsory change, inhibitions and restraint. This is a time for protecting, nurturing and healing, of yourself and your loved ones. The April 7 full moon lasts for two weeks up to the April 22 new moon.

Stay Safe and Healthy Friends. Blessed be. – The Divine Moon

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