This Waxing Moon Is Going To Help Heal You AND The Earth

Starting March 26th EST This waxing moons energy will be in full force.

It will heal the world and you. Its important to take care of yourself during this phase. Follow these steps and ensure your self care during this moons phase.

Waxing Moon Self – Care Ritual

The Moon is your guide, reminding you to embrace all the phases required for manifestation including:

  • Renewal
  • Planning
  • Taking inspired action
  • Listening to your intuition
  • Celebrating
  • Releasing
  • Healing
  • Resting

The Waxing Moon is an important time when the energy is

beginning to pick back up. It is a time when your intentions

take root and your dreams get clearer as opportunities begin

popping back up.

During the Waxing Moon, you may even feel inspired to take

action. The Waxing Moon self-care ritual is a great place to

start if you are looking for creative things to do to take

advantage of the Moon’s power. This ritual begins by having

you check in with yourself and gauge how you are feeling.

  1. Check in with yourself.

Begin by sitting in your sacred space and clearing it

energetically with a smudging bundle like palo santo. You may

use sage if you prefer that as well.

Next, light some incense, and visualize a circular white wall of

energy around you. You may also choose to light a candle that

represents additional energy you want to add to your


Sit and check in with yourself. Notice how you are feeling.

Focus on your intention you want to bring forth. Some ideas

for questions to ask during the Waxing Moon could be:

What opportunities are coming up for me?

How can I raise my energy level?

What is it I need to know at this moment in time to move


Where should I be looking to receive inspiration?

Is there a message from the Universe?

2.  Create a list of inspired ideas.

The energy of the Waxing Moon is one of increased action. It’s

a good time to focus on new opportunities and collaborations,

either with others or with the Universe. Remain aware and

follow through on any ideas that present themselves to you

during this time.

In our current society, hard work is stressed over everything

else. It is what most of us are told to do if we want to achieve

anything. However, constantly pushing for things to happen

and enduring soul-numbing work doesn’t work for everyone.

However, working with the energy of the Moon can help you

attract things into your life that are divinely guided and

inspired. Inspired action will often feel exciting like you canʼt

wait to get started. It may be work, and it may physically tire

you out, but your soul will be full.

“Hard work is not the path to well-being. Feeling good is the

path to well-being. You donʼt create through action; you create

through vibration. And then, your vibration calls action from

you.” – Abraham Hicks

The Universe is firing out inspired ideas to you all the time; you

just don’t always see it. Working with the energy of the Moon

can help you be more open when inspiring ideas do come in.

Your job is to remain open to these serendipities, to say yes if

it feels good and right, and to write down any ideas that come

your way.

3. Create an appreciation list.

Creating an appreciation list is also a good idea. During this

time, you will also most likely see signs that things are

happening on the manifestation front. This is a powerful time

to write down everything you’re appreciating to give it more

energy. This might also be known as a gratitude practice.

Try to write down everything that’s been going well for you

since the New Moon. Focusing on your acknowledgement and

enjoyment of these things will cause it to grow. This exercise

not only gives power to your intentions, but it also raises your

vibration so that you’re able to be in the same frequency to

receive MORE beautiful things into your experience.

4. Visualize with more clarity.

Since the New Moon, you may have refined and narrowed

down your intentions. This is a good time to keep refining


Try lying down and visualizing your intentions with deeper

clarity. You can also listen to music or some kind of meditation.

As you visualize, focus on what you are doing in this ideal life

and who you are with. Focus on how you feel and some other

things you could do to bring these intentions in.

Let yourself get carried away in this daydream. You are literally

altering your reality when you do this.

5. Have faith and remain open.

This is a good time to remind you to have faith and remain

open no matter how things currently look.

Things don’t always unfold in a logical, orderly manner. You

may even experience negative things, as the Universe works

to bring in what is best for you. Don’t focus on something like a

job loss as being negative. Try to have faith that something

even better is on its way.

The Universe knows the fastest ways to bring you to the place

you want to be. You MUST have faith that the Universe is

working in your favor.

We will get through this. Heal and take care of yourself. Self care is the most important thing right now. You cannot care for others if you are not caring for yourself.

The Divine Moon


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