Crystal Energy and Healing

Deepen your meditative practice by learning to listen to your intuition and unlock the healing properties of stones. Used in Reiki, sound therapy, and many energetic disciplines, the mineral kingdom is full of helpful tools to let go of old patterns and find your spiritual path.

Rocks and minerals are integral in consumer electronics like LCD screens, semiconductors, radios, and clocks. And though engineers and metaphysicians don’t always align on every front, the innate power of crystals is undeniable. Crystal healers are applying their energetic properties – along with practices that long predate their use in technology – to work through energetic blockages and reconnect with the natural world.

“When I received my Reiki level one attunement, crystals started talking to me,” says Stefanii – Creator of The Divine Moon. “They are sentient beings assisting us in the planetary evolution Mother Earth and humanity is going through at this time.” Her practice, which taps into healing crystals and stones, is designed to clear and align energy. When she’s doing a session in person or performing a distance activation, Stefanii taps into the power of high vibrational quartz for her crystal grids.

“A crystal grid can contain any group of crystals or gemstones,” she says. “You could create a grid for abundance, love, or grounding. You could create a chakra grid,” she continues, “each would contain different stones. You could create the crystal mandala and set the intention for its use,” says Stefanii, of the many configurations of healing stones and crystals.

“These have the ability to create a standing Hertzian wave that vibrates the discordant energy to the surface to be read and cleared,” she says. Similar to electromagnetic waves from a radio antenna, the energy generated from a crystal grid can be scientifically measured. Though crystals and healing stones represent some of the world’s oldest tech, Stefanii believes that the human element is equally as important.

“The practice of Reiki is the art and science of activating, directing and applying this natural Universal Life Energy,” says Stefanii. Known under many names like Ki, Qi, Prana, and Manu, energetic healing is all about consciously focusing and balancing these vibrations.


If you’ve ever searched what are healing stones or looked for the meaning of your favorite gems online, you’ve probably encountered some mixed messages. So how do you know which healing crystals and stones are right for you?

“There are many books and websites which will tell you the attributes of gemstones,” says Stefanii. “In my experience it is great to discover these for oneself. Any specific gemstone combines with the individual’s energetic signature to work in a specific way or be applied to a purpose.”

She considers healing stones and crystals “keys to unlock blocks,” and lets the individual’s energy guide her when selecting which stones to use in a session. “Everyone is different and resonates with different gemstones,” she says.

When purchasing stones for healing, Stefanii recommends trusting your instincts. “Run your hands over the stones one to two inches above,” she suggests. “The one that feels like it wants to jump into your hand is the stone for you.”

“Rose quartz for example,” one of Stefanii’s favorites, “can be used for love, forgiveness, grief and anxiety depending on the individual using it.” She also uses sand selenite (desert rose) as energy scrubbers, calcite to remove fear, amethyst for crown chakra connection, and a trinity of hematite, selenite, and obsidian for grounding.

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While many stones for healing have multiple purposes, Stefanii believes that they are inherently programmable. “The chemical composition of quartz contains a blank space,” she says. “Energy can be inserted here.” She emphasizes the individual aspect of energetic work, and encourages people interested in healing stones to open a line of communication with the crystal itself. “Meditate with it and ask how it can help you or how it would like you to work with it,” she recommends, “Then set intentions for its use.”

Meditate with your crystal and ask how it would like you to work with it. Then set intentions for its use.”

– Stefanii J, Reiki Master And Crystal Healer –


We share information about crystals and stones for healing as anecdotal information only. If you are experiencing an illness or medical condition, please consult with your doctor.